Fo'c'sle 40th Birthday Party

The Fo'c'sle celebrated its 40th birthday with a Party on 9 May 2003 (it was actually founded on 10 May 1963, although there had been short-lived predecessors)

The Great and the Good assemble - the emphasis here is on faces familiar in earlier days
(you can see the current selection of regulars by becoming one):
(top row L-R) Geoff Jerram, our MC Brian Hooper and former Organiser Debra Chesman
(over here for the occasion from Ithaca, with her bucket bass)

(L-R) Debra, Jon Heslop and John Moxham

Rock Berntsen with Debra (a familiar line-up before Debra went back to the USA)

Dave Juson

Geoff Jerram again (Steve Jordan bottom R)

Paul Marsh

John Player

Rob Mills and ...

Rob Mills

Mike Preston & Simon Sprott ('The Maudlin Brothers')
and Richard Hampton (centre) with across the divide ...

Debra in her other line-up
(R) Debra with Norman Othen

(Below) Chris Mitchell

Rocky entertains the crowd

Bill and Sylvia Rogers

Ron Coe
Graham Penny (R) composed several Fo'c'sle favourites including Knife and Scissor Man which passes through Bugle Street, our present demesne

Sue Penny with accompanist Rick Tarrant
(Brian Hooper on R)

Graham Penny

Sue Penny and Rick Tarrant

(back row L-R) Debra Chesman, Norman Othen, Founder-member John Edgar Mann, Mo Eddie and Christine Hooper
(front) Jon Ellis

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