So What Is A Folk Club?

Fo'c'sle Folk Club

meets Fridays and is Non Smoking

VENUE: The Richmond Inn
(back room through garden),
108 Portswood Rd, Portswood, Southampton SO17 2FW
(corner of Portswood Avenue) MAP

Please address mail direct to the organiser -
Brian Hooper
and NOT to any venue.


  • The Current Fo'c'sle Programme and general website in a new simplified format

  • The Fo'c'sle Programme Sept 2014-July 2015 Season.

  • Pictures from John Edgar Mann's 80th Birthday Party taken by Trevor Gilson (directory listing: click on file to view)
  • Pitchpole Jack Video Clip on youtube at The Fo'c'sle
  • Re-issue of the 1977 vinyl Residents' Night Out!
  • pdf file of March-April 2015 Programme
  • pdf file of May-July 2015 Programme
  • Get Acrobat Reader for the PDF file
  • Pictures from the Fo'c'sle 40th Birthday Party
  • Brief History of the Club from Southampton Echo at the time of the 40th Birthday.
  • David St John's Concorde Club Page mentions the Fo'c'sle and its predecessor The Balladeer
  • Welcome to The Fo'c'sle
    With about 20 pictures (each of less than 10k).

    The remainder of the links on this page are here because they are of local interest, because the Artistes have been or will be coming to The Fo'c'sle, because they might be of interest to computer literate members or because they are of potential national importance. We also make a deliberate attempt to include links to sites which break down the artificial barriers between the various sorts of music (previous restrictions on trans-global sites have been abandoned since the improvements in internet bandwidth)
    The links are sectioned as follows:

  • EFDSS and Regional Organisations and Publications:
  • Folk on Tap, SCoFF, FASH and EFDSS
  • Other Area Listings, Collations, UK Regional Folk Organisations and Pages
  • Hampshire Songs (aka the Gardiner Appreciation Group or GAG) and Hampshire Voices (Paul Marsh's web pages on the same subject), two websites devoted to developing interest in sources, research and performance of songs collected in Hampshire by George Gardiner and others in the early part of C20.

  • Local venues (other than Folk Clubs)
  • Festivals and National Festival Lists on the Web.
  • Artistes and groups including Agencies and archives
    [See also The SCoFF Southern Counties Artistes list and for
    Dance Sides see Solent Waves Display Team list]
  • Miscellaneous and Irish Resources
  • Dance Resources
  • Recordings, Music, Instruments and other Catalogues
  • Important transglobal sites
  • Other Folk Club and local Folk Organisation details/pages
  • Technology and UK Internet Radio Stations

  • Miscellaneous Resources
  • The Vaughan Williams Memorial Library
  • The Bodleian Broadside Ballads Collection
  • The Sabine Baring-Gould pages; (see also The Wren Trust) Songs of the West Heritage Project.
  • The John Adams Village Music Project Massive research project into English Music danced to in towns and villages over the last three centuries, now including abc transcriptions (see Technical Section).
  • Musical Traditions Website including Musical Traditions Magazine which is now on the web (only) and includes articles by Dave Williams (died 4-9-97).
  • The newly-formed [UK] Traditional Song Forum Research & Collection Group.
  • Shetland Music
  • Music from Eastern Europe archive available for download.
  • National Harmonica League
  • Voices Foundation Susan Digby's charitable trust founded to promote the use of Kodály principles in Primary School Education throughout the British Isles, to enable all primary teachers to teach music through singing as they teach all other subjects.
  • Greg Spence's Website Greg is a composer of 'contemporary' (for want of a better word) music and based at Hythe, Hants. His site has links to related material, to some useful search engines (and to us). There are also a number of MIDI-files (and a 'MIDI studio' plus musical background for those able to use/hear it).
  • Acoustic Guitar Tablature (Tab) & Midi - Downloads Page
  • The Bees Knees Music Archive, formerly home to the No Masters Recordings Catalogue now with its own site.
  • Fol-de-rol . . (development service) National Folk Page under development, event and gig lists but more particularly recordings lists and sources.
  • aims to help artistes from a wide variety of musical backgrounds to promote and sell their music on the World Wide Web.
  • The Incorporated Society of Musicians
  • The Folklore Society
  • The British Forum for Ethnomusicology
  • Contemplations Folk Music Tunes (midifiles), Lyrics & Historical Information: Folk Music of England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and America, and Turlough O'Carolan Pages (the tune 'Brighton Camp' used as the background to this page, came from here).
  • Irish Traditional Music & Dance
  • CDs, Festivals, Summer Schools etc.
  • Irish Music Magazine news, views and more on the Irish Folk and Trad scene.
  • See also Henry Marten's Ghost Band Website for more Irish links.
  • Festivals, Summerschools, Irish Harp Organisations, Albums, Magazines and a Harp Bulletin Board.
  • Ancient Music of Ireland
  • Claude Calteux' Comprehensive Folk Music Page (Belgium).
  • Halsway Manor in the South West of England, the only permanent residential folk music centre in the UK.
  • Folk Camps provides folk holidays for ten weeks and ten weekends per year.
  • Douglas Nunn's incredibly comprehensive web music pages based at Durham.
  • Gallery Music (often known as "West Gallery"), an area on the World-Wide Web especially for people who research and enjoy the music sung by church and chapel bands in the 1700s and early 1800s. This set of pages page is a wide-ranging resource and includes a link to our local (Winchester) group Madding Crowd.
  • Folkfax News and Gossip (there is a main Folkfax index but it's a bit slow to load, particularly if you only want the gossip, so go via this entry. NB this is an HTML 4/java site).
  • Jim Hancock's website with Folktalk magazine and Folktalk Notice Board, a folk-information service, as well as a web version of Guest List.
  • TAPS (Traditional Arts Projects at Andover) with educational and community development aims.
  • Folkworks, the Northeastern (UK) folk organisation.
  • Klezmer On-Line - new British-based klezmer site - it's catching on over here!
  • Early Music FAQ - what it is, when you can hear it, where you can find out more about it...
  • Recorder Home Page - everything you ever needed to know about recorders.
  • freedom 4 sounds free music archive
  • The Hangover Square Pages
  • AUDIOPHILIA Southampton University Audio club.
  • A & R Book Search produce a catalogue of every (non-classical) music book ever written.
  • Southampton Jazz Club (formerly 'Society') meets Tuesdays in the University's John Arlott Bar
  • Common Ground - visit and find out!
  • Musicbase a mostly pop music search engine.

  • Dance Resources (see also Solent Waves)
  • The Morris Federation Home Page
  • The Morris Ring Home Page
  • Morris Site Links Page
  • International Circle Dance Information Archive
  • Irish Traditional Music & Dance
  • Recordings, Music, Instruments and other Catalogues
  • Chris Lilley Violins Violin and other stringed instrument construction and repair based near Cambridge, UK.
  • The Violin Company source for all violin and related products based in Hamble, Nr Southampton, Hants.
  • Forest Tracks the Hampshire based record company formed in the early seventies to produce records of the folk music of Hampshire and Dorset, now re-issuing albums in CD form including some fresh material.
  • Note-Ability in Bitterne, Southampton: Closing Down.
  • folktrax Peter Kennedy's online resource centre for those interested in traditional musics and cultures. The aim is to promote awareness and enjoyment of musics, dances, customs and traditions. folktrax was founded in 1957 by Peter Kennedy as an outlet through which to make his extensive collection of field recordings (primarilly from the British Isles) avaiable for personal and academic interest. folktrax is now a multifaceted organisation containing within it a library of folk songs, traditions and children's games, an archive of rare field recordings early pressings and the folktrax catalogue of over 450 CDs and DVDs available to the public. folktrax continues to produce new films, recordings and undertake projects in the community to raise awareness of heritage, traditions and encourage participation.
  • Musikfolk Ltd Comprehensive Recorded Folk Music Catalogue.
  • Coda Edinburgh based comprehensive CD/DVD online and real shop with full folk section and online samples of every track of every CD available.
  • Irregular Records Robb Johnson's label including Maggie Holland, Des de Moor and others.
  • Night Cafe Internet Record Distribution including Irregular.
  • Music Scotland primarily a CD source, but with links to artistes' webpages.
  • Traditional Scottish and Irish Music, gigs and recordings run by Aaron Jones.
  • Wild Goose Records Hampshire.
  • Beautiful Jo Records small but well-established folk label based at Oxford with Honest Jo distribution arm and general Folk catalogue..
  • New Scorpion Band with Tim Laycock
  • R.U.F. Records (Wood, Wilson, Carthy etc).
  • The Bees Knees Music Archive formerly home to the No Masters Recordings Catalogue (Coope, Boyes & Simpson, etc).
  • Fivetrees CD e-Sales and web hosting.for many folk Artistes
  • Able Records (Reet, Petite & Gone and now Hot Tamales) Lesley & Stewart Carr (+44) (0)1705 751299
  • Sliced Bread Records Pennsylvania - Magpie (Greg Artzner & Terry Leonino) etc.
  • Fol-de-rol . . (development service) National Folk Page, event and gig lists but more particularly recordings lists and sources.
  • Harbourtown Records with Frankie Armstrong, The Boat Band, Caught On The Hop, Sara Grey, Pete Morton, Brian Peters, Janet Russell and Urban Folk, Vol. II.
  • Free Reed Music Producers of the Barry and Robin Dransfield release, Carthy Chronicles etc.
  • Old Bridge Music Home Page - Máire Ní Chathasaigh & Chris Newman, many others.
  • Hobgoblin Music International Index
  • Roots Music with shops in Sunderland and Newcastle.
  • Veteran, suppliers of recorded traditional music and songs.
  • Yorkshire Dales Workshops and Music Publications including Joshua Jackson book and CD.
  • Fellside Recordings
  • ARC Music World Music Catalogue (East Grinstead).
  • Nimbus Records traditional music from around the world.
  • World Music Network producers of the CD's accompanying the 'Rough Guides'.
  • Greentrax (also G2) Scots-biased new & traditional music.
  • Park Records Pentangle, John Renbourn, Maddy Prior etc.
  • Folk Music Net including Living Tradition magazine and the Listening Post mail order.
  • The Whole Wide World folk CD stockist and café, Crewkerne, Somerset. UK: (+44) (0)1460 77748 or
  • CDs, Festivals, Summer Schools etc.
  • Handmade and traditional musical instruments at very good prices based at Cefn Coed-y-cymmer in South Wales (also a performer).
  • Right - a scene from Debra's leaving party - duet with Rock Berntsen

    Important transglobal sites:

  • David Rovics' This Month in History and Song page
  • Pioneer Performer Series from Wongawilli Colonial Dance Club Inc; important source for published and recorded Australian Folk.
  • The North American Folk Alliance.
  • The Internet Guide to Live Music
  • The Mudcat Discussion Forum now the gateway to the Digital Tradition mega-archive.
  • The 'Ohio State' Folkbook
  • Victory Music acoustic music organisation for the Pacific North-West of the USA.
  • The Folkweb Site in Pittsburgh - Artistes and recordings.
  • Gary Hayman's Cajun and Zydeco website with free e-mail mag to send for.
  • Some other Folk Club pages and Indeces (see also Listings):

  • Hampshire Caledonian Pipe Band based at Marchwood (with links to other local pipe bands)
  • [Australian] Folk Online site with comprehensive world search facility and chat rooms.
  • The Sussex Folk Guide with a full list of Clubs and listings for them.
  • Folk from the Harlow Riding - The Moving Finger.
  • Spire Folk Based in Chesterfield on the edge of England's Peak District, famous for its Crooked Spire.
  • Abbey Hotel, Church Street, Romsey, Hants, second Thursday of the Month (not August) 8-11pm.
    Residents: Innominata (Club details on the band website); ring Mike Cross on 01794 340083 for details or to book a spot (replaces the former Mill Arms Club at Dunbridge).
  • Milverton Music Club Milverton, Taunton, Somerset.
  • BeeHive Folk Club Beehive Inn, Harthill, nr. Sheffield.
  • St Denys Folk & Blues Club Southampton UK, now Tuesdays.
  • Isle of Wight Live Acoustic Music Club (was Castle Live Music Club) 2nd Saturday: singarounds, East Cowes.
  • Tudor Folk Club White Hill Centre, Chesham, Bucks, Mondays.
  • Chichester Folk Club Sussex, UK, Tuesdays.
  • Croydon Folksong Club, Mondays at Ruskin House, Coombe Rd, Croydon.
  • Greenwich Traditional Musicians Co-operative also with news of a St George's Day Licensing Disaster.
  • Sutton Acoustic Music Club, Sundays, main home of JCB and Betty Davila, now situated in Merton Park SW19 rather than Sutton, and with an Alternative Website in case the first server is down (how sensible!).
  • Mayflower Folk Club Cambridge, UK, Tuesdays.
  • Cambridge Folk Club every Friday at The Golden Hind, 355 Milton Road, Cambridge, CB4 1SP; Venue phone: 01223 420816.
  • St Neots Folk Club Cambridgeshire, UK, Tuesdays.
  • The Ram Folk Club Claygate, Surrey, UK, Fridays.
  • Maidenhead Folk Club Cookham, Nr Maidenhead, Berks, UK, every Thursday plus 'Dog Days' March Festival.
  • Hale End Folk Club in Waltham Forest, Thursdays.
  • Dartford Folk Club, Kent, Tuesdays.
  • Southern Counties Folk Federation (SCoFF) Folk Clubs (including the Fo'c'sle).
  • 6 Bells Folk & Blues Club, Chiddingly, East Sussex, Tuesdays
  • Horsham Folk Club, Sundays.
  • Royal Oak, Lewes, Thursdays.
  • Lewes Saturday Folk Club, Elephant & Castle, White Hill, Lewes BN7 2DJ, also Concertinas Anonymous, a free session for concertina players of all systems and abilities, is now on the second Tuesday of the month at the same venue. Details on The Lewes Favourites tunes practice session, a free session for players of any instrument and any ability wanting to learn tunes current in local English tunes sessions, is at the Elephant and Castle on the fourth Tuesday of the month. Details on Contact or
  • Topic Folk Club Bradford (the oldest folk club in the world), Thursdays.
  • The Wellington, Seaford, Steyne Road, Seaford, Kent, Fridays.
  • Woodman Folk Club, Kingswinford, West Midlands, Fridays, with lots of valuable links as well as Club details.
  • Wurzel Bush Folk Club The Royal British Legion, Heath Lane, Brinklow, Rugby. Subscribe to the e-mail Monthly Wurzel by contacting Dave Sampson at
  • The National Folkmap with user-provided details of potentially a wide range of folk activities including Clubs and Venues placed on the google-provided maps. This will necessarily focus on higher-profile operations, since these are the ones which will bother to include themselves!
  • Martin Nail's websites, including
    Comprehensive list of Folk Listings on the web.
    The Committee Band
    Islington Folk Club
    Knees Up Cecil Sharp Ceilidhs
    Musical Traditions Club
    Sharp's Folk Club

  • * the word "fo'c'sle" (pronounced "folk-sul") is a contracted version of "forecastle", the name for a construction of variable architecture at the fore-end of the old sailing vessels, normally housing the crew quarters and hence the place where off-duty music making was most likely to be found.
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