"The First" Gallery Xmas Show 2005

Repeats / variants of most items can be obtained to order. Bear in mind that these are craft-made articles, thus exact repeats are almost never achievable.
Lounge Lady in ceramic by Rika Rouw (Australia) £220 [nr];

Giraffe Head in hand-worked cast ceramic by Suzie Marsh £225 [nr];

Turned bowl in pohakawa & copper oxide by John MacKinven (NZ) £158 [nr].

(hanging) Leaf Mobile in poly-encased silk by Ping Lawson £21^.

[More distant exhibits shown in detail in other images]
(wall, l. to r.) Ceramic plaque by Tilu Shah £10 [nr];

2 x Fish Strings in papier mache by Sara Drake £19.50 ea. [nr];

Party Butterfly Hair Ties [sewn to a comb] by Margery Clarke £2.50 ea. [nr];

2 x Mirrors with yachts / sea-motifs surrounding frames in painted MDF by Jane Ryan £24* & £27.50*.

(corner) Nodding Gull & Boat [automaton] in painted wood by Sue Evans £54;

(on bookcase top) various small items, mostly unattrib., but incl. 2 x nightlight / incense burners in porcelain by Tilu Shah [l.h. one is lit, hence the orange glow through some holes] £29.50 [nr];

Two Gulls in painted / carved wood on driftwood stand by Sue Evans £36. (on table, left) mobile phone / specs cases in painted silk by Elizabeth Nash £12 ea.~ [all different].
(on wall) Jonah and Fish [pendulum automaton] in salvaged painted wood by Sue Evans £120.

(lower / upper ledges l. to r.) Elephant in ceramic by Tilu Shah £12~;

Driftwood Gull £30;

Pecking Hens  £36;

(rt.) Kissing Couple, after Peter Markey, £39 all in painted wood by Jane Ryan;

(ctr.) 2 x Pregnant Robins [squeeze the body and it drops a chocolate egg!] knitted by Lynne Hudson £9.75 ea.;

Yew dish by Peter Westermann £9.50.

(across brickwork, and on table) Xmas stars in crochet & beads by Lynne Hudson £1.80 ea. / £3 for 2.

(left sconce: part visible) Flying Kittiwake in painted wood by Sue Evans £30 [incl. stick & sea-worn brick stand);

(table) pink dish 30cm / 12" diam. in blown glass by William Walker MA RCA £180;

(rt. sconce) Tortoise (c. 1980) in glazed earthenware by Jenny Knowles £30 [nr].

Wall-piece "Brass Line III" 1995 in charred wood and metallic paint by Sorbon Chandoman £45 ^ ~;

Small copper enamelled dish by Iris Wallace £45 [nr]

Wood-turning by Peter Westermann: 2 x platters in sycamore 33cm / 13½" £39.50* & 29cm/11¾" £32*; small dishes in yew / ash with ebonised rim £9.50 & £19.50;

Dried flower vase in ebonised ash £48*.

Chickens £89 ea. / Flexible fish £40 [green] & £42 / Flexi Seal £295 all in treated wood by Jeff Soan

Silver & Titanium Jewellery by Jennifer Hough mostly from £30 - £52.50, but necklet top left £90 and jade ear-rings (in tubular stand, ctr. front of r.h. compartment) £22.

Upper floor display: incl. [viewed end-on] Whale £55 & orange "Bad Cat" £66 [automata] in painted wood by Peter Lennertz;

Seaside Mug [vessel with pink star: it has seaside motifs, incl. an eel-fish handle, not visible] in glazed earthenware by Taja £34.

(end wall, on sewing table & bookcase) Seascape tile £58.50 ~ , thrown and slab-built pots £18 - £105, and necklets £38 all in stoneware / porcelain by Sarah Perry.

Willow pattern rug is part of our furnishings -- N.F.S.!!
(over banister) Painted silk scarves by Elizabeth Nash £21 & £24 ea.
Row of Houses £37.50* [[nr] due to special shape]; Yacht £25~ ;

Corner Supertanker [bends both ways: different colour each side] £40, all in painted / worked driftwood / salvaged metal by Victor Stuart Graham;

Fish Pendulum [automaton] in painted wood and driftwood by Sue Evans £39*.

(Through arch, on furniture) inter alia, various pots by Tilu Shah [nr];
boat by VSG £30;
large and 2 x small Ganesh [Hindu elephant-headed god] sculptures by Tilu Shah £75 & £15 ea. [nr]

2 x 1/12th scale rooms by Geoff D. Clarke (1925 - 98).

Many professionally made and found adapted objects suitable for dolls' house miniatures, both by GDC and others for sale from 50p per item / pack.

3 x Yachts in leaded light by Colin Trim £12.50 ea. (all same size, 12cm high: "larger" two are hanging off the rod across top foreground).

All other pieces by Victor Stuart Graham in painted / worked driftwood and salvaged metal. Medium-size Supertanker^ (in foreground) £36.

Christmas Tree-o [there are three trees, geddit?!] with luminous star £19.50

Rows of Houses from £30 [on left £37.50*] Yachts from £25 ~
(end of banister) painted silk Scarf by Elizabeth Nash £24 ~.

(on mini-shelves on banister panels) 2 x small Supertankers^ in painted driftwood / salvaged metal by Victor Stuart Graham £30 ea. [buff-coloured strip is the "shelf, not part of the piece: though narrow, they are free-standing, so can be displayed on a surface to be seen from both sides].

(on bookcase) "Surprise" Bird [turns round as you pick it up] in driftwood / feathers £21~;

Cat with Mask in painted wood £25~ [automata] both by Robert Race.

(lower shelf) Peacock [automaton: tail fans open at push of lever] in plain wood by Peter Markey £58.

(on larger case) Pop-ups by Margery Clarke [different characters appear from each one] £25 & £30;

(hanging from string) knitted Scarves by Lynne Hudson £24 ea.~ [Display-case contains miniatures, too small to itemise].
3 x pictures by Elizabeth Nash (r. to l.) monoprint £60 / collagraph £90 / watercolour £120;

White Draped figure by Tilochana Shah in ceramic £75 [nr]

(on piano) 2 x bronze glazed porcelain vases by Tilu Shah £37.50 & £27 [nr];

Daschund by Peter Markey £48;

blue "Bad Cat" by Peter Lennertz £66 [both automata, in painted wood ];

Merman / Mermaid [candle-holders officially, but we like them as ornaments!] in glazed earthenware by Taja £44 ea. / £80 both;

(just visible) Kite in carved (naturally shed) deer antler on cork base by Al Baker £24.

(propped on open piano lid) 3 [+ 2 on rt.] x ear-rings in acetate and coloured wire by Lynne Hudson £9.50 [detail below left];

(dangling from music-rack) 4 x monsatery bells in ceramic, from Australia £9.50 ea. [nr];

(on music-rack ledge) 2 x Kitty Cats / 1 x Rocking Bird;

(on keyboard below them) 2 x Seal Babes [all one smaller animal nesting, jigsaw-style, inside a larger one] in beech by Sue Evans £9.50 ea.~;

(keyboard) Fish Stick in papier mache by Sara Drake £7.50 [nr];

3 x jellied wax candles in glass holders decorated with beads / coloured wire by Lynne Hudson £8.50 ea.;

turned Ear-ring Stand in yew by Peter Westermann £29.50.

(on piano stool) selection of mostly lower-priced items from abroad [nr], but incl.
(back left) turned wood feather-edge bowl by Tony Caplin £24 [nr];
(front right) Cat with Mask [automaton: push button to make it lift mask] in painted wood by Robert Race £25~.

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