“Outside Eye — Inside Eye”

“You have eyes outside and eyes inside.  Your heart is full of eyes.
To communicate, you put the two together.  Amen!”  (Dilmus Hall)

from Representation to Abstraction

Paintings, Prints and Drawings

Sat. 8th March – Sun. 6th April

HOURS — Weekends11am – 6pm, or outside those hours by pre-arrangement
Weekdays:  at any mutually agreed time, including outside the above hours

For less than 24 hrs. notice, best to ring 023 8046 2723.
Longer than that, or overnight, usually fine to e-mail

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This exhibition, of some 60 works on the wall, tracks
Dilys Bryon’s journey from one interest to another

Below is a small selection of the work to view, either at “The First” Gallery,
or in the full-colour publication being newly re-issued and revised,
specially for “Outside Eye — Inside Eye”

Feathers, Bones, Stones                        Maize III Inferno

Maritime Pines, Tresco                        Trapped Bird

World Mothering Air                        Earthquake

In addition to the main exhibits, there will be a browser (possibly more than one) of unframed prints, or versions in other states and colourways



Friday, 7th March
6 – 9pm
wine      soft drink alternatives


Sunday, 23rd March
1:30pm – 2:30pm

Dilys Bryon shows how to make prints without a press,
(FREE)   followed by

Make-one-yourself  Session  (ends 4:30pm)
£4 per person;  an opportunity to try making your own, under Dilys’ experienced eye.

Booking required:  ring 023 8046 2723

Good-quality freshly-made coffee and tea on tap all day!

This webpage is somewhat ad hoc:  nearer the show, or early during it,
we hope to add more pictures and more commentary.
Please re-visit from time to time

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