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    Centred on First Gallery
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  • (suitable for environs of the Hamble estuary and any places where you would usually go east on the A27 in order to travel west on the M27).
  • From Winchester - non-motorway route
  • From East Hampshire area - non-motorway route
  • (for areas between the A31 and A32. East of the A32, use the A3(M)/M27. North of the A31, it may be best to use the M3 Winchester bypass, then the M27).
  • The First Gallery Travel Instructions

    The links above will open a new window containing the particular set of instructions. This can be printed, or with a little manipulation seen alongside the map! [get the instructions first if you're going to use the multimap]

    Due to speed-humps on Hatley / Wynter Roads, we now recommend the following access instead:

    From West End Church, take first left, signed Harefield Shops [though sign is often absent, due to vandalism] into Beauworth Avenue.  Trust a local:  ignore any street-map you may be following (apparently showing short-cuts across the estate);  due to parked cars, it's quickest to stay on Beauworth until it bears right, becoming Somerset Avenue, with a long green, and a tree-lined stream, to your right.  When this scenery stops, you're at the [currently red-fenced-off, awaiting demolition] Exford Arms, back on our map.
    If you're used to using Chalk Hill (uphill) and Wynter Road, we recommend you stay on Church Hill (the main A27 road) and turn right at the top of hill, at West End Church (on our map), signed "Bitterne ¾".  Then use above route.
    If you're used to using Chalk Hill (uphill) and cutting through via Selborne Avenue (despite its blinds and narrows), the latter is fairly unaffected.  If West End Road is very busy, and it's hard to turn right out of Chalk Hill, you can turn left instead, and take the next right.  That's Beauworth Avenue, described above.  (In practice, Church Hill / West End Road is shorter and quicker, aided by the timing-priorities at the lights by the former New Inn junction).

    From Bitterne, turn right at filter-lights after crossing concrete bridge past Sainsbury's.  Stay in left lane as it joins the Bitterne bypass, following Botley / Hedge End signs.  Pass a modern church and Bitterne Library in quick succession (on our map).  Turn left there, sign-posted Bitterne Leisure Centre, before Payne's funeral directors.  Ignoring next Leis. Ctr. sign, after 250 yards the main road goes off at an 11 o'clock angle, with minor road straight on.  Giving way to oncoming traffic from 11 o'clock road, take the minor one (Shales Road).  At first “Give Way” crossroads, turn right into Taunton Drive.*  Resume standard directions from this point (i.e. third on left, the one after pillar-box, etc.)

    * Emerge gently, since traffic from Hatley Road – hard left – is unsighted (the junction is laid out sharper than 90°, but cars are just leaving a chicaned, speed-humped 20mph zone, so is not likely to be going dangerously fast).  There's poorly-observed priority between traffic on your road, and Wynter Road (the one at about 10 o'clock):  drivers tend to improvise.  Technically, they have priority, but they can see Hatley Road traffic better than you, and often prefer to wave you out first.