CRISPIN EURICH, photographer
(1935 – 76)

This page awaits updating.  For enquiries about prints of images, please e-mail prints]at[crispin eurich]dot[com   omitting spaces & making the appropriate substitutions, obviously.  Over the weekend of June 29th / 30th, it is planned to post a gallery of thumbnails, with larger examples to follow through July.  The Crispin Eurich Photographic Archive has a part-time “staff” of one, so much of its work (listing, logging, cataloguing, digitizing, etc.) has to be squeezed in between other activities.  Plenty remains to be done.  Your forebearance would be appreciated.  Thank you

LSLowry Sketching Stockport Viaduct, from steps

Washing Across the Road, Huddersfield

Underwear Stall [probably London]

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