A Weekend with


Sat. 13th & Sun. 14th Sept.

11am – 4:30pm

paintings, drawings, prints & pastels
on wall-display or in folios

  PHILIPPA BAMBACH comes from a culturally active family (of other painters, a poet and a photographer — Crispin Eurich (1935 – 76), most also gifted musically).   Although she read English at university, and taught / plays flute and bassoon in local orchestras, her passion for painting and drawing runs as a constant thread through her life.  A 50th birthday journey round the Celtic areas of the UK spawned a large moody series of landscapes [above left], exhibited to effect in Out of the Shadows [above right, but not being exhibited] at “The First” in 1999.  Since then, she has explored abstraction while continuing to produce powerful images mostly originating from reality, but with some from her fertile imagination.  Many of these comprise rarely explored subjects, usually with understated disturbing echoes.  She likes the idea of an unexpected, even humorous, twist.

all available to view

  This show, part of which can be visited (by pre-arrangement) for an undetermined time through September and October, is her own selection, including works she feels the wider public wouldn’t easily take to.
In that sense, perhaps she’s right:  many of them are more ‘gallery’ paintings than you’d find on most home walls.  In most, though, the undercurrent is more subtle than that, intriguing-disturbing, rather than scary.

all available to view

  Exhibiting mostly locally so far, Philippa Bambach regularly wins awards.  The images shown here are typical of her output, but may not exactly reflect the Weekend’s final ‘hang’, since buyers can take away works on the spot.
She will be at “The First” Gallery on both days, to meet you and discuss her work informally.

all available to view

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