17-24 March 2012
2-7pm daily

  A new format for “The First”, PPP exhibitions make a feature of items at deliberately affordable prices.  Less art-led than our usual fare, and none of our hallmark quality framing, etc., nevertheless there will be plenty to intrigue and excite.

  Most pieces are hung unframed:  any hanging / protection issues affecting your purchase can be discussed at the time.  The CornerShop can offer various framing, or “frameless”, display solutions.

  This web ‘wall’ represents just a selection of the images from which the Gallery’s display has been chosen.  They may not have all ended up on open view (depending on how well one item ‘sits’ beside another) but if something you fancy here isn’t on show when you visit, please pipe up, as it will probably be to hand.  Note that, while most pieces were commercially produced, we only have one of each for sale, except where indicated so, if you’re interested, don’t leave it too late to visit (or to contact us).  In any case, note that the show is shorter than our usual.  If you’re that keen, you can ring / e-mail even before the show opens.  Prices haven’t been decided at time of posting this.

  We’ve made no attempt to disguise damage where it may exist, but the photography and occasional software distortion may have masked an item’s condition.  Prices take that into account.  Our camera-ware is pretty primitive but, for a low-budget show like this, it’s not worth splurging on high-end photography.  The sharp-eyed among you may have noted a certain waviness in what should be straight lines.  Be assured that the printed items do have straight lines.

  Ages range from Victorian to about 10 years ago, with a concentration from the mid-80s to the mid-90s.  Many of the posters show signs of having been put up, or fold-marks from being mailed, but we kept them because the designs were strong.  There are some original artists’ prints on view, as well (though most are being kept for future manifestations of the PPP format: note it’s called PPP "I"… )

  We hope to see you when you come to wallow in some brilliant retro design, or simply indulge in a bit of “fings-ain’t-wot-vay-yuse-t’-be” nostalgia!  As usual, the welcome is unchangingly warm in these uncertain times.

"Melons and Other Fruit in Basket" Keith Grant (1984 "Larger Than Life" exh. poster: lettering, on white to one side, cropped from this photo. Image c.30 × 70cm; poster c.85cm long). We have one or two original Grants: please enquire

"Chocolate" Sarah van Niekerk original (1995 wood-engraving 50/100)

"Marsh Benham" Sarah van Niekerk original (1982 wood-engraving 30/80). The location is just west of Newbury

2 × Victorian engravings of battle scenes, two of a clearly related series. Date uncertain, though 19th Century. (Many more of these type of works on paper, but no repeats of any images)

TITLES in the A1 folder

Blake's "The Ancient of Days" (1970s Athena poster)

"Artistry of Arabic Script" (1980s exh. poster)

"Louise Bourgeois" (1994 MOMA, Oxford exh. poster)

Beckett's "Waiting for Godot" Cambridge Theatre Co. production (prob. 1980s Nuffield Th. poster)

Dordogne area of France, illuminated on map and round borders with images of chateaux, etc. (prob. 1970s, poss. 80s)

"Dolls House" b&w card cut-out in 2 sheets by John Maltby (self-published: extremely rare, c. 1975)

"Fishmongers Shop" b&w card cut-out in 1 sheet by John Maltby (self-published: extremely rare, c. 1975)

early Piet Mondriaan study of windmill (1980 So'ton Art G. exh. poster)

Takeshi Yasuda Pottery Demonstration (1984 poster - 1 of only 1, 2 or 3 made: large-scale photocopy with hand-appliquéd paper sun)

Takeshi Yasuda Ceramics (early 1990s exh. poster)

"Birdman" Tony Évora original (1970s / 80s lino, or wood cut, poss. screenprint)

"Don't Bother Me" Tony Évora original (1970s / 80s aquatint etching)

"Here I Stand" Tony Évora original (1970s / 80s colour lino reduction print)

These are three of about 20 Évoras available: please enquire

TITLES in the A2 folder

"Art & Aboriginality" (1987 Aspex G. exh. poster: Antipodean cultural exchanges presaged 1988's Australian Bicentennial celebrations)

"The Animated Eye": Peter Markey (1989, his design and lettering for "The First" G.'s touring exh. posters; available with Star G. overprint (c.15 - 20), or blank in venue-details portion (c.40))

"Class of '95": newly graduated jewellers' work (Goldsmiths' Fair exh. poster).
(Many other Goldsmiths' posters available: large, very dramatic designs)

"Collect-o-Mania" (an exh. devised by Dan Chadwick; poss. designed by Sue Hudson; typography so resonant of its time)

1940s health awareness poster, with cartoon by H. E. Bateman (prob. 1970s / poss. 80s repro)

J. D. Innes (1980s So'ton Art G. exh. poster, blank for overprinting tour venue-details: rare in this state)

(2) We have two original Lambourns: please enquire

(2) We have five original Hoskins: please enquire

(2) "The Guardsman" by Molnar (1980s Nuffield Theatre production poster)

Oriental Cranes (1970s / 80s fine art reproduction; no details on it; gilt background reproduced very effectively)

US War of Independence recruiting poster (1970s facsimile repro)

(4) Sandy Brown "The Complete Picture" (1990s Oriel 31 touring exh. poster, blank for overprinting tour venue-details)

German 1940s recruiting poster; slogan reads [I think] "Infantry - Queen of Forces" (prob. 1970s / poss. 80s repro)

"Star Steer" by Ian Hamilton-Finlay (1970s / poss. 80s screenprint with silver ink on grey). Sold at inflated prices at the time, slyly marketed as if they were by IH-F's own hand: in fact they were only his design

"Open Wings" Tony Évora original (1970s / 80s lino-, or wood-, cut, poss. screenprint, on blue paper)

(c.20) Two Memorable Men: Lowry / Eurich (1990 So'ton Art G. exh. poster [special print-run for their extended version of our touring show: almost all other venues 'overprinted' their details with stuck-on paper strips. SCAG chose to go for the more aesthetic option of printing the poster fully] (we also have c.50 overprinted with "The First"s details, or with white blank at bottom).

Verdi Requiem (1980 poster, short-run litho print, poss. screenprint, white and black ink on grey paper: extremely rare. Designed by Stephen Bartlett, fellow-student at Exeter Art College, and printed there; he also re-vamped our logo, giving it the broken outline and italic type we still use)

TITLES in the A3 folder

"Life Drawing Class" by Edward Ardizzone (1994 Rye Art G. exh. poster)

Folland Gnat jet trainer over Portsdown Hill (1950s / early 60s promotional photo-litho poster, pres. issued by Follands; rare). Geoff D. Clarke, "The First"s co-founder was a precision engineer, working on the Gnat's design, which is how come we have the item. The distinctive landmarks and layout of Paulsgrove (long before the M27 cut through it) and Portchester / Portsmouth Harbour are clearly visible below

(3) Petronius' famous "Re-organised" text, calligraphed by G. Hugh Spendlove, erstwhile head of Society of Designer-Craftsmen (1983 repro, poss. litho, but method unknown [pre-dates laser-printing, and not photocopied] on thick marbled paper. Edition only 100, or 150. Between A3 & A2 size). Some folks believe the pre-Xn dating of the words is spurious, and that it's actually a modern cod-Latin text

"Star of Bethlehem" H. Warren (prob. Victorian engraving. Smaller than A3)

"Sanctuary of the Heart" sheet music cover (Edwardian, open edition colour litho, separated from its music)

"La Nuit" sheet music cover (Victorian / Edwardian, open edition engraving, separated from its music)

late 1970s exh. poster, with archetypally 70s typography / colour

Stephen Powell "Paintings & Prints" (Gallery V, London exh. poster, litho'd blank with original SP lino-print image overprinted). We have several of these, one from each exhibition, all made the same way [the gallery was run as an 'artist's hire' arrangement, so the venue-details were supplied on a pre-printed poster for exhibitors to tune to their event].

double-page spread of 1952 copy of "The Sphere", showing part of densely-illustrated article about the post-war restoration of Southampton. Also has a timely page of Hugh Casson's designs for street-furniture for the Queen's Coronation, among much else of interest. Pure nostalgia!

cover of "The Sphere", Oct. 1952

Unidentified civic building (prob. Edwardian photographic print. Smaller than A3). Other photos acquired at the same time have a northern bias (Leeds, Rochdale, IoM, etc., but this may be Brit. influenced architecture abroad

Note: folders marked A1, A2, etc. indicate roughly what size pieces are: some are exactly that; some, esp. non-commercially produced material, only approximately.
Those not assigned to any folder are either smaller, or a shape that doesn't fit A-size designations.

(A number in brackets indicates the number of copies available if more than 1)

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