The First Gallery

Bitterne, Southampton, UK

1 Burnham Chase
Southampton SO18 5DG.
Tel. (+44) (0)23 80 462723.

Director Hilda Margery Clarke BA (Hons), FRSA.
Member of TEG.

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The First Gallery is also a private house in Bitterne, where the Clarke family have for many years provided a venue for good but often little-known artists and craftspeople to show and sell their wares. They also have an important rôle in promoting the work of a previous generation of local artists and in keeping their memories alive. Leo Stable, the founder of the John Hansard Gallery on Southampton University Campus was an associate, and the City Art Gallery maintains close links. Lots of people have never heard of The First Gallery (part of an ordinary suburban house); many others have made a mental note to come and have a look. Do feel free to ring for directions. While we are tucked away, we're well worth finding!

2000 Programme


Crispin Eurich 1936-76

Saturday 18 - Saturday 25 March 2000 2-7pm daily incl. Sunday

Thereafter by appointment at any time up to Sunday 30 April

Photo of Crispin Eurich by Ben Johnson
The First gallery has recently acquired an archive of photographs printed by Crispin himself and this selection from it is the first show of his work for six years. It reveals the breadth and freshness of his approach. Some images may have been seen before (if not in these printings) but many are new to us, including exhibition-standard prints from various one-man shows. Nearly all of them highlight, more directly than before, the "Romantic" nature of his vision, epitomised by his dramatic use of swathes of black (which rides roughshod over the supposed photographic 'ideal' of showing shadow-detail). A few prints may not be of first quality, mainly through inadequate storage, or due to being at an exploratory printing stage, but the images are so remarkable they just had to be shown.

For more about Crispin, and a reproduction of the famous picture of L.S.Lowry in his black coat, see the Two Memorable Men Touring Exhibition details.


includes introduction of new


Dates: 17th - 25th June Sat / Sun 17th / 18th & 24th / 25th 2000

Open: N.B. usual hours altered for this show


Weekdays by appointment only

large and small pots for garden features and for plants

Svend Bayer    Clive Bowen
Alvin Betteridge

floral & leaf-based mobiles by Ping Lawson
plus first viewing of

work in ceramic metal, found objects, mosaic & stained glass by
Maria & Janie Andrews    Allan Bennett
Lotte Glob    Mel Howse
Suzie Marsh
and others yet to be confirmed

Our thanks to (and admiration for) Colin Waterman for transforming our hidden, shoulder-high weed patch into this inspiring outdoor space. (He can work similar miracles for you! Ring him on (023} 8040 5268).

Hippo Wallow by Suzie Marsh
Originally for Exhibition An African Water-Hole
Ferrers Gallery 1999

More pictures and details



early [and late] paintings & latest wood-fired pots

Dates: 30 September - 7 October 2000

Open: 2-7 pm daily, incl. first Sunday

Private View: Friday 29 Sep. 6-9pm

Special Sunday Opening: 11 am -3 pm

Large Planter by Clive Bowen shown at the Patio Show above


Dates: 11 th - 18th November 2000

Open: 2-7pm daily, incl. first Sunday

Private View: Friday 10th Nov. 6-9 pm

Festive Opening: Sunday 19th Nov. 11am-2 pm

Pots Pictures Jewellery Sculpture Glass Cards Automata Novelties

Prices from £1 to £100

For many, the main highlight will be new pots by Lotte Glob, our first re-stocking for 7 years; our Scottish trip also yielded little antler-carvings and some turned wood. Sarah Perry's latest pots (with scrumptious new glazes!), Ping Lawson's leaf-mobiles and small-scale animal sculptures by Suzie Marsh feature in our ususl stimulating array of hard-to-find, different items which makes visiting here such a memorable pleasure. A few "regulars" already confirmed include: Alvin Betteridge, Clive Bowen, John Maltby, David Orchard, Peter Markey and Robert Race.
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to enable you to find the First gallery.

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