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Folk Harmony Group Hen Party was formed in 1995, when Sarah Morgan and Alison Muir (former members of Bread and Roses) teamed up with Heather Bradford to form a combination which became renowned not only for superb harmony singing, but also for an ability to communicate with and entertain an audience. Heatherís stylish lead vocals, Alisonís sumptuous alto voice, and Sarahís unerring sense of harmony combined to produce a sound that was unique and highly enjoyable.

The group ceased in 2003 with Alison's untimely death.

Both surviving members of Hen Party may be contacted as below and whilst it is early days, a new grouping

Craig; Morgan; Robson

(Moira Craig, Sarah Morgan and Carolyn Robson) has already emerged, not as a successor, but as a new use for the talents of the three ladies concerned (all of whom are solo performers in their own right).

Follow the link for more on Heather Bradford

Combined Giglist for Sarah Morgan
Steve Jordan
Hampshire Chronicles
Craig; Morgan; Robson
Sarah with Mike O'Connor

Hen Party's CD "Nobody Here But Us" was issued in 1998 and is described in more detail on the Wild Goose Records website.

Reviews of "Nobody Here But Us":
WildGoose Studios WGS 289CD

Listen to Normandy Orchards

Hen Party's beautiful rendering of Keith Marsden's haunting song
about young men training for the war

(1.8Mb medium quality mp3 file of the whole track from "Nobody Here But Us")

Wine Women & Song
The Heart Gallery

Hen Party also created the humorous 'Village Hall' show "Wine Women & Song" for Hampshire County Council, in which rib-tickling poetry and prose on the subject of women were combined with the songs.

Hen Party's last show, launched at Chippenham Folk festival 2002, was called "The Heart Gallery". Tender hearts, hard hearts, cold hearts, hearts on fire, black hearts, broken hearts, light hearts, lustful hearts....all were presented in a blend of poetry, prose and of course songs featuring Hen Party's glorious harmonies. What more could your heart have desired?

Hen Party's CD "The Heart Gallery" Wildgoose WGS 311 CD with material from the show is still on sale. Follow the link for track list and a selection of downloadable mp3 files. To order a copy, e-mail Sarah or see Wild Goose Records.

"We hope you enjoy this album. We've recorded a selection of traditional, popular and contemporary songs in a capella HARMONY - all of them telling songs to touch your HEART in a blend of female voices singing about the taking, faking and making of LOVE ... "

ó Sarah Morgan, (+44) (0)1264 738629 or

As they were!

Alison Muir

Sarah Morgan

Heather Bradford

Sarah Morgan is also a solo singer, songwriter and harmonium player, well-known for setting the Cicely Fox Smith poem 'Overseas in India', and performs as half of the virtuoso duo
Mike & Sarah
with Cornish fiddler & storyteller
Mike O'Connor

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