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Folk On Tap Brief Information

Folk On Tap, currently in abeyance, has been the professional-quality A4 quarterly magazine of SCoFF, the Southern Counties Folk Federation, with around 90 pages per issue. It was produced entirely by voluntary effort up to submission to the printer, with the major contribution from editor Sam Satyanadhan and his wife Sandy and additional help from various other members of the folk community from time to time, with a major recording review section co-ordinated by Geoff Wall. Contributions were unpaid. The centre spread of the magazine was devoted to Diary Dates for all SCoFF member organisations. Artistes were invited to submit their listings for inclusion in the 'Gig Guide'. Cover price was £2.50 as at 2006 (see bottom of page for subscriptions).
Folk on Tap's own website is linked on the logo at the head of the page

The deadline for Folk On Tap was the 15th of February, May, August or November for the quarter following.

e-mail contributions (text or attachments) were welcome at the following addresses:
( or better to,

while general comment (not intended for verbatim publication) may be sent to Sam at

Postal contributions should be sent to:

The Editor
Folk On Tap
3 Cranbury Road
Southampton SO19 2HZ

Tel/fax (+44) (0)23 80 570082
Fax (+44) (0)23 80 431750

Copy for advertisements may be sent in a week (or two at the outside) later BUT SPACE MUST BE PRE-BOOKED. Advertising rates range from £33.60 for one-third column to £120 for a whole page as detailed below with 10% discount for SCoFF members or for a pre-paid four issue run. There are also low-rate small-ads.

(Prices in brackets reflect Members & Series discounts)
Dimensions are given in millimetres (height x width)
FULL BACK COVER275 x 190£156.00 (£140.00)
INSIDE FRONT/BACK275 x 190£132.00 (£118.00)
FULLPAGE275 x190£120.00 (£108.00)
HALF PAGE (portrait or landscape)275 x 93£72.00 (£64.80)
FULL COLUMN275 x 59£60.00 (£54.00)
QUARTER PAGE136 x 93£48.00 (£43.20)
HALF COLUMN136 x 59£42.00 (£37.80)
THIRD COLUMN89 x 59£33.60 (£30.24)
One Liner £12 (£12)
Rag & Bone £5 (£4.50)

Organisers please include Club e-mail and web addresses with diary dates if you wish them to appear in the mag. The webmaster would also be grateful to receive any new ones in advance. It is suggested that all Diary Dates should be sent to both addresses, as a fail-safe.

Please ensure that the format for diary submissions comforms to the following:
Name : The Royal Oak Folk Club
Venue : The Royal Oak PH
Street : Langstone High Street
Area : Langstone
County : Hants
PCode : PO9 1RY
Cont : Sandy Satyanadhan 023 8043 4209
Fax : xxx xxxx xxxx
email :
web : www.xxxxxx
Freq : 3rd Sunday of Month
Time : 7.30pm to 10.30pm
Descr : Alternate 'Anything Goes' and 'Guest' nights
Cost : Free, with Jug Collection
Other1 : (eg 'No Smoking' venue, etc)
Other2 : (eg 'bar with real ale at club prices')

Unsolicited reviews of recordings are not accepted. CD's for review should be sent to:

Geoff Wall
5 Sunvale Close
Southampton SO19 8LX

Tel (+44) 80 448617

Submission deadlines for CD's etc are always the 1st of the months above.

Subscription Information

Subscription price is £10 for four issues (£12 Europe, £18 USA). Please send cheque payable to 'Folk on Tap' to:

Peggy Danby
Gorey Coast Road
St Martin
Channel Islands JE3 6EU

Tel/fax (+44) (0)1534 855650

For Member Club prices see SCoFF Membership Details

Folk on Tap is available from most Member Organisations and a few other sources (see current issue) with a cover price of £2.50.

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Trevor Gilson, SCoFF Webmaster


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