1. The SOUTHERN COUNTIES FOLK FEDERATION (SCoFF) is a body of folk organisations in the Southern Counties formed to propagate the folk traditions.

    1. ORDINARY MEMBERSHIP Is open to any folk organisation in the Southern Counties.
      Ordinary Membership offers the following rights:-
      • Involvement in SCoFF policies and events.
      • Public Liability Insurance for any event organised in association with SCoFF.
      • Inclusion of Diary Dates in Folk-on-Tap (FoT).
      • Discounts on advertising rate and purchase of FoT.

    2. ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP Is open to any individual.
      Associate Membership offers the following rights:
      • Benefits to be the same as those received by SCoFF ordinary members with the exception of Public Liability Insurance and FoT benefits.
      • The parent organisation to be SCoFF itself.

  3. THE AIMS of the Federation are:-
    1. To facilitate economical and efficient advertising of folk events organised by the member organisations.
    2. To make the booking of guests more viable by means of a circuit booking system.
    3. To help member organisations by providing support when necessary and to encourage the interchange of performers and information amongst the member organisations.
    4. To organise joint events whose size or expense would be beyond the scope of most individual organisations.
    5. To fulfil these aims without affecting the autonomy of the individual organisations within the Federation.

  4. To enable these AIMS to be achieved, the Federation NEEDS:-
    1. FUNDS to be raised:
      1. By an annual subscription on each organisation and Associate Member, payable to the Treasurer by the 30th April. The amount will be reviewed annually at the Armual General Meeting (AGM).
      2. By organising other fund raising events.
    2. THE VOTING BODY to consist of two representatives from each of the member organisations and up to two attending Associate Members.
    3. THE COMMITTEE to be elected by the voting body at least annually or more frequently if required, at the discretion of the voting body. Serving Officers will be limited to a consecutive period of 5 years, with the exception of the Chairman and the Treasurer. Should suitable replacements be unavailable the positions will be extended.
      Officers to be elected are:
      • CHAIRMAN
      • 6 MEMBERS without portfolio
      The Committee is empowered to co-opt persons on to the Committee as and when necessary.

  5. THE QUORUM A minimum of five (5) members from the above list must be present.

  6. THE MEMBERSHIP YEAR To run from 1 st April to 31 st March.

  7. THE ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING The AGM will be held in March at a mutually convenient venue.

  8. THE CONSTITUTION This document may only be amended by a quorate AGM or Extraordinary General Meeting of the Federation.


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Submitted by Trevor Gilson