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Title: all the fine young men

Traditional singer     "....with a voice to die for.... rich and resonant..."*

 Singer & musician
 Teaching & resources
  folk dance and music in the national curriculum
Carolyn can also be heard singing on Kathryn Tickell's CD 'The Northumberland Collection' and on various titles as part of the harmony group
'Craig; Morgan; Robson' with Moira Craig and Sarah Morgan
and now with trio Dempsey Robson Tweed
(see Singer & Musician Page)
. She is also featured on 'REAL', a 2001 charity CD release by the Scottish Borders Tourist Board.


  • DAWN CHORUS (2003)
  • BANKS OF TYNE (1981 vinyl re-released 2001 as CD)

Collections of traditional and more recent songs from Scotland and England (with the emphasis on NE England in the 'Banks of Tyne' album)

on the Reiver Records label

Place your order here (for any Reiver Record including Craig Morgan Robson issues and Carolyn's re-issued 'Banks of Tyne' and for the 'REAL' CD).

pdf Diary page for Carolyn Robson solo and Moira Craig duo

Dawn Chorus

Carolyn Robson (voice)

Andy Johnson (keyboards)
Phil Singleton (trumpet)
Sam Evans (percussion)
Anna Tabbush (flute, voice)
Freya Tabbush (voice)
Veronica Tabbush (voice)

The Alton Community Choir
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1. Jock o' Hazeldean
2. Lord Ullim's Daughter
3. Silver Tassie
4. Beggar at the Gate
5. Water of Tyne
6. The Ghost of Lady de Grey

 7. A U Hinny Burd
 8. Lady Keith's Lament
 9. Creekwaterside
10. Walk in Jerusalem
11. Roll on the Day
12. Flowers o' the Forest
13. Flanders Tommy

Audio track mp3 samples of  approximately 10-20 seconds each.

All the fine young men
Reiver Records
  1. I drew my ship into the harbour
  2. Bonny at morn
  3. The Hexhamshire lass
  4. The bonnie moorhen
  5. Down the long road
  6. The testimony of Patience Kershaw
  7. Miss Otis regrets
  8. Lady Diamond
  9. Lord Yester
  10. Cam' ye o'er frae France
  11. The border widow's lament
  12. The Bay of Biscay
  13. The rambling comber
  14. MacCrimmon's lament
  15. All the fine young men

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* Ken Ferguson, music reviewer for The West Australian newspaper


 Banks of Tyne

2004 Re-issue in CD format of the 1981 vinyl BANKS OF TYNE (Dragon Records)

also on the Reiver Records label

Place your order here (for any Reiver Record including Craig Morgan Robson issues and Carolyn's re-issued 'Banks of Tyne').

  1. Derwentwater
  2. Ma Gallowgate lad
  3. Heh ye seen wor Jimmy?
  4. Ma bonny lad
  5. Captain Rover/Here's the tender coming/The Coquet light/Liberty for the sailors
  6. The snows they melt the soonest/The pig and sow
  7. Derwentwater's farewell
  8. Robin Spraggon's auld grey mare
  9. Felton Lonnen
  10. Newcastle station/Lea rigg

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