Yatton Junior School Arts Week with Craig;Morgan;Robson

Sing Around Britain

We worked with three Year 5 classes and three Year 6 classes over two days, teaching a variety of traditional songs from different parts of Britain as well as a lot of rounds and warm up activities. The songs (suitable for KS2) were all arranged in simple 2 part harmony. Songs included:

Each day ended with the children giving a performance to the rest of the school, of the songs they had learned during the day learned.. We made a recording of their singing, and the school now has the performances on CD. Listen to one of classes singing Farewell He (which was collected in their home county of Somerset).

Class teacher Audrey Nicholson said:

The CDs went down a storm. The children were really impressed. We played them at the beginning of House assembly on Friday and you could see the children from the relevant classes just grow bigger when their track came up.  It was lovely. Now I notice children singing the songs as I go around school! It wasn't just a two day event...it has really made an impression.”

David Powell. Headteacher:
"Very enjoyable workshops which enabled the children to develop their listening, singing and performing skills and provided a lovely focus for our Arts week. Thank you."

Y5 teacher:
"The sessions we had were inspiring and inclusive. All the children wanted to take part. They enjoyed the challenge of learning to sing in dialect."

Y6 child:
"It was cool to listen to the others. I was really impressed by the way they remembered all the parts. I really liked the songs. I find myself singing them sometimes."

Y6 teacher:
"The material was suitably challenging for Y6. They had to concentrate on both language and music and felt a real sense of achievement, especially when they performed to the school."

If you’d like to run a similar project in your school please contact Sarah or Carolyn.

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