Moira Craig

Moira is from East Kilbride, where her family have lived for generations. Her grandfather, father and brothers were all singers and musicians. At family parties her brothers and she took turns singing and entertaining. Everyone sang or played and it could be anything from the latest "pop" song, the old songs and ballads to music hall or whatever anyone fancied singing. Moira moved to London in 1983 to work as a nurse and singing has taken up most of her life outside of work since that time. She has long been recognised by club and festival goers for her superb interpretations of Scottish. Irish and English songs and ballads. A former winner of the "Sidmouth Singer of the Year" award, Moira became more widely known through her contributions to the Pastimes albums. She also has a solo album, "On Ae Bonny Day". Moira has appeared in Britain, Germany and the USA, charming audiences with her clear ringing voice and wonderful repertoire.

"...vocal quality and technique... commitment to a worthwhile repertoire... identity with the texts... ability to sing the story in such a way that her audience is as fully involved in it as she is. Moira has all these things." Roy Harris

"When I heard Moira I was quite bowled over, and I am virtually NEVER bowled over." Jerry Epstein

Listen to Moira singing The Silkie from her CD 'On Ae Bonny Day'

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Sarah Morgan RIP

Sarah had more than thirty years experience as a performer of folk music. As a harmony singer, her CV included working with American singer Mary Eagle, with Bread and Roses, and with Hen Party (described by English dance and Song as "unaccompanied harmony at its best"), as well as with Mick Ryan and others in Fieldwork's production of "A Tolpuddle Man" and "A Day's Work". As a soloist (unaccompanied or with English concertina), Sarah sang with warmth and conviction, and developed an enviable repertoire of traditional and more recent songs. She had a particular interest in songs from her adopted county of Hampshire and her "Home Lads Home" (a Cicely Fox Smith poem set to her own tune) has become a classic. More recently both she and Carolyn have become involved with the Community Choirs movement and the 2006 Gardiner Centenary Concerts.

Sarah published a number of Song Books with arrangements both for solo voice and in 4-part harmony, some of the latter used by the choirs. For more detail see 'Books' (click here or button, left).

Among other topics both solo and with her trio partners, Sarah in life gave a Performance Workshop which has been linked in to Tom Bliss's Folkwise website. Follow the link here for her extensive notes, a general floorsingers' guide in pdf format.

Listen to Sarah singing her own song Keep You In Peace from the Hen Party CD 'Heart Gallery'

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"She involved her listeners totally with her confident and sensitive delivery, eliciting an enthusiastic response from them." Bodmin Folk Club

Sarah Morgan has also performed as half of the virtuoso duo 'Mike & Sarah' with Cornish fiddler & storyteller Mike O'Connor

Carolyn Robson

Carolyn Robson at Folk Southwest Easter School 2008 Carolyn Robson is a professional singer and musician specialising in traditional folk song and dance. Her extensive repertoire consists mainly of songs from her native Northumberland and Scotland as well as from other parts of the British Isles. She has worked as a radio presenter and regularly sings on radio. In 1981 she made her first album, 'Banks of Tyne' on the Dingle label (now re-issued on CD) and can be heard singing on Kathryn Tickell's CD 'The Northumberland Collection'. Her recent albums, 'All the fine young men' and 'Dawn Chorus' were produced by her own company, Reiver Records. Carolyn has a wealth of singing and teaching experience and has made countless club and festival appearances, featuring in HTV's 2004 documentary on Cecil Sharp. She is now widely recognised as one of country's finest female singers.

"Carolyn Robson's voice which has a maturity and calm that carries the listener easily through an album of fifteen lovely songs." Living Tradition

Listen to Carolyn singing Lady Keith's Lament from her CD 'Dawn Chorus'

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Visit Carolyn Robson's Own Website for more about her solo CDs
and her series of educational publications.

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