Special Shows

As well as our extending and colourful repertoire of harmony and occasional solo songs which we use for our Club and Festival appearances, Craig; Morgan; Robson; have several specially-themed Shows more suited to general audiences, while being just as interesting to the folk-going public.
  • At War’s Command From Wellington’s army to World War II, this moving performance paints a vivid picture, in words and music, of the men who marched away, the girls they left behind, and many others whose lives have been touched by the hand of war. Including evocative images from the archives of former soldier and photographer Angus Beaton.

  • Tales of Otherness brings together a wonderful array of ballads, songs and stories from Britain and other countries, to explore a twilight zone of deception and masquerade, trickery and betrayal, transformation and enchantment, where creatures and people are seldom if ever what they seem! Witch-hares, wer-foxes, swan maidens, dragon ladies, female pirates and many more appear in a magical, sometimes scary, and frequently thought provoking experience in words and music.

  • Summon Up the Sun
    Carols, folk songs, stories and poems (funny and serious) from Britain and beyond provide the perfect entertainment for a winter's evening. In December 2006 we toured this show in conjunction with a number of community choirs, including a sell-out concert in Winchester.

  • The Way Through the Woods
    We've now piloted a mini version of this new show at Combs Middle school (follow link for details), where it was very well received and sparked off a lot of creative writing and research from the children who took part. We inaugurated a grown up version at Sidmouth and Whitby Folk Week. Rather than just being a CMR performance, ran a series of workshops so that lots of people could take part in a performance at the end of the week. As the name suggests it is all about trees and woods, and there'll be songs and readings so scope for singers and non singers to take part. Follow this link for pictures of the Whitby performance, plus a few clips from the Sidmouth performance. The Show was performed with Winchester Community Choir on Tuesday 22 June 2010 at The United Church, Jewry St, Winchester at 8pm (see 'Diary) and download a Poster. Highly relevant as well is the campaign and petition to prevent the Government selling off important native ancient woodland into private ownership and for general information visit the Woodland Trust website.

  • Mary Humphreys & Anahata CHARM
    2006 saw us starting a new musical collaboration with Mary Humphreys and Anahata, under the name CHARM. We present a special show which takes the audience on a tour of Britain's traditional music and song, a journey which starts in Shetland and finishes in the West Country, and contains a glorious mix of songs (solo and harmony) plus stunning instrumentals.

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