Tales of Otherness Tales of Otherness

“a magical experience in words and music”.

Tales of Otherness brings together a wonderful array of ballads, songs and stories from Britain and other countries, to explore a twilight zone of deception and masquerade, trickery and betrayal, transformation and enchantment, where creatures and people are seldom if ever what they seem!  Witch-hares, wer-foxes, swan maidens, dragon ladies, female pirates and many more appear in a magical, sometimes scary, and frequently thought provoking experience in words and music.
Tales of Otherness is devised, produced and performed by Craig;Morgan;Robson. Moira Craig, Sarah Morgan and Carolyn Robson have between them a wide experience of performing which encompasses film, TV, radio, theatre, folk festivals and concerts, Arts Centres and village halls.  Their harmony singing has been described as “A mix made in Heaven” (Keith Kendrick). The show was commissioned by Cornwall Folk Festival, where it was launched in August 2004 in front of a warmly enthusiastic audience. Carmen Hunt, speaking on behalf of the festival, said “Everyone came out buzzing with it - fantastic work!”

“Tales of Otherness” is now available for booking, so if you are interested in having a performance at your festival, arts Centre or village hall please Contact — Sarah Morgan, (+44) (0)1264 738629 or Carolyn or Moira

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Sherfield on Loddon Village Hall
Friday 31 March 2006

It isn’t hard to see why audiences are spellbound when Craig; Morgan; Robson present ‘Tales of Otherness’.

From the foot-tapping ‘Vampire Song’ to the poignant and thought-provoking ‘Peppers and Tomatoes’, when you could have heard a pin drop, the three performers enchant with their unaccompanied harmonies throughout an evening of enjoyable traditional ballads, songs and stories. Craig; Morgan; Robson are very much a team, taking the spotlight alternately in ensemble pieces or charming us as polished solo performers.

‘Tales of Otherness’ is simply impossible to categorise. It is an evening full of affection, tenderness and delight. It transports us away from our every-day lives through disguise, mystery, masquerade and music. We suspend belief and are rewarded with sometimes comforting, sometimes humorous songs and tales which gently draw us out of ourselves and into a world of fantastic possibilities.

‘Tales of Otherness’ proves you don’t need flashing lights, gizmos and gadgets to entertain; you just need great voices, good stories, and a sprinkling of imagination! A great evening!

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