Only Remembered - A Retrospective by Sarah Morgan

Hummingbird’s Feather - The CD
Now Out. Reiver RVRCD10

Sampler mp3 series - app 60 seconds from each track in order

  1. Cambric Shirt 2.55
  2. Boney On The Isle Of St Helena 3.33
  3. The Lark In The Morning 2.43
  4. The Sandgate Lass On The Ropery Banks 4.05
  5. The Drowned Lovers 3.36
  6. The Bitter Withy 3.20
  7. My Bonny Moorhen 3.13
  8. Lord Bateman 6.39
  9. Claudy Banks 3.49
  10. The Guist Ploughman 2.56
  11. Mining Trilogy 3.37
  12. It Was All For Our Rightful King 3.06
  13. Beautiful Star Of Bethlehem 3.27
  14. Down The Lane 3.07

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pdf booklet sample - notes for first five tracks

'The Axford Five'
(jointly with The Askew Sisters)
may be purchased and sampled here

Stranded - The CD

Stranded - the CD

Sampler mp3 series - 30-60 seconds from each track in order

Alternatively, individual mp3 excerpts are linked for download below

Please do NOT attempt to play the lo-fi track excerpts below on Windows Media Player (which is likely to be your default if you use Internet Explorer). At least half of them will not work and the remainder are of noticeably lower quality than when played on a proper mp3 player. See notes below. Use the mid-fi links where available, or Netscape or Firefox or a substitute player. In any event, use the higher quality if you are on broadband - the lo-fi versions are for dialup users in a hurry.
  1. Wassail the Silver Apple

  2. # The Easter Tree

  3. The Sailing Trade

  4. Awake, Behold

  5. The Night Visit Song

  6. Hares on the Mountain

  7. Polly Vaughan

  8. Twa Magicians
  1. Summon Up the Sun

  2. Willie’s Fatal Visit

  3. The Wonderful Sucking Pig

  4. The Blackbird

  5. Abroad as I was Walking

  6. The Christmas Song

  7. Crossing the Bar

Short medium/low quality extracts from each track linked as mp3 files


"a truly lovely CD, persuasive to a fault and brimful of exceptional singing and fine songs."
David Kidman (NetRythms)

Peppers and Tomatoes - The CD

  1. Bannero (approx half the track, 0.5Mb)
  2. Peppers and Tomatoes
  3. When the Snows of Winter Fall
  4. Minnie of Shirva's Cradle Song
  5. The Besom Maker
  6. Kilkerran Shepherd
  7. The Laily Worm
  8. Fare Thee Well my Dearest Dear (6Mb mp3 file for CD quality download)
  9. Low Down in the Broom
  10. Farewell He
  11. Keep You in Peace
  12. Blow the Winds Southerly
  13. The Leaves of Life
  14. Rob 'em All
  15. Only Remembered
"A gem of an album" 
Mick Peat, Folkwaves (BBC in the Midlands).

Released May 2005, the album (RVRCD06)
is available from Reiver Records,
70 Burnt Hill Rd., Lower Bourne, Farnham,
Surrey GU10 3 LN, Tel: 01252 722938
There is an order form for this and other Reiver CDs Here (pdf) or Here (Microsoft ®Word)

The audio player tracks are also available for download as mp3 files
(good quality in the case of 'Fare Thee Well', medium for the other 3)

('Fare Thee Well' is also available as a 4Mb high-quality ogg file
playable on Winamp, Nero and Linux/Unix players)


*Combined Review for Peppers & Tomatoes and Anna Tabbush: Waiting in the Wings

Scenes from the Launch Party at Cranleigh

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