Craig; Morgan; Robson Publications

"When the Snows of Winter Fall" and "The Wind May Blow"
Songs in Harmony from the repertoire of Craig Morgan Robson

The long awaited Craig Morgan Robson songbooks each contain 12 songs from CMR's repertoire, arranged in three parts, plus performance suggestions, notes about the songs and forewords by Lester Simpson and Paul Sartin.

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Sarah Morgan Publications

The publications

are Sarah's collections of folksongs.

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"View the Land" and "Cottage Garden Trees" are described together and consist of arrangements in three or four part harmony of mostly traditional songs (with a few of Sarah's own).

"Put the Stars to Flight" consists entirely of Sarah's own songs including "Home Lads Home" in solo arrangements

Carolyn Robson Publications

Carolyn's educational Publications - Dance & Song Resource Packs for * Early Years & Key stage 1; * Key stage 2; and * Key stage 2/3 - are described fully on Her Own Website