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Southern Venues (formerly members):
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Southern Venues (formerly members):
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Southern Counties Folk Federation

Is a loose confederation of Folk Clubs, Arts Centres, Concert and Ceilidh Venues, Festivals and Organisations promoting Folk and related Acoustic Music and Dance in the Southern Counties of England and the Channel Islands. Membership is now quite informal with no subscription payable unless insurance is required, since little outlay occurs since the demise of Folk on Tap magazine.

TAPS (Traditional Arts Projects) with its educational and community development aims was a SCoFF Member until disbanded by fiat of the Arts Council. We are now in mutual support status with Folk South-West (recently moved to Dorset).

Unlike the EFDSS (English Folk Dance & Song Society) for example, SCoFF is neither more nor less than the sum of its parts and there is an Individual Member category for people who have no Club, or whose local Club is not a SCoFF Member. The Federation's two parts are this WEBSITE and the former FOLK ON TAP quarterly Magazine, which in combination are an Information/Communications Network used to gather and broadcast information in relation to the workings of the folk world within SCoFF's remit (and outside it). Federation Membership automatically includes Public Liability Insurance cover to paid-up Members for Folk events and formerly special Advertising Rates and Members' Diary Dates in its high-quality financially and editorially independent quarterly Magazine 'Folk on Tap' (currently defunct). See relevant page for other Membership advantages.

In the past, SCoFF also ran a successful series of 'Folk Under Aries' and 'Folk Under Libra' Festivals in various venues and gave an Annual Ron Myles Award for services to folk music. Having now evolved into the current information/communications network structure described above, the Federation is very happy to co-operate with and support any Folk Projects within its remit AND if we don't know something/anything outright, we "know a man/woman who does" (or they know someone who does......)!

Finally, no-one connected with the production of the Federation's Magazine or Website is paid - we all do it for love of the music.


SCoFF Folk Clubs Member Music Venues Etc
The Federation covers most of Southern England, ranging, east/west, from East Sussex/ Kent to Somerset/Devon/Cornwall and, north/south, from Bucks/Oxon/Berks/Herts to the Channel Islands; including Dorset, Hampshire, Sussex, Surrey and Wiltshire.

SCoFF Officers

Treasurer: Sam Satyanadhan
3 Cranbury Road,
Southampton, SO19 7HZ
tel/fax: 023 8043 4209
Webmaster: Trevor Gilson
3 Manchester Road,
Netley Abbey,
SO31 5DB

Federation Information, Activities and Links

  • Hampshire Songs (aka the Gardiner Appreciation Group or GAG) and Hampshire Voices (Paul Marsh's web pages on the same subject), two websites devoted to developing interest in sources, research and performance of songs collected in Hampshire by George Gardiner and others in the early part of C20.

  • Choirs in the South which are of particular interest in the Folk (and Early Music) context including many 'Community Choirs'.

  • Database of Web Pages and Contact Information for Southern Counties Artistes and Groups
    In two sections: Concert (including Club) Performers and Ceilidh Bands. Some of these pages are maintained by SCoFF, some by Member Clubs and some by the Artistes themselves or their Record Companies.
    For national lists see
  • Guest List, the web replacement for Jim Hancock's formerly well-known publication and route to his Folk-Now notice board.

  • Radio Britfolk National Internet Radio site for British Folk Music run by FolkWISE, including a 'shop window' page and review programmes.
  • Music In Scotland Jim Leighton's Scottish, Irish and Celtic Folk Music Gateway.
  • Martin Nail's List of Folk Artist and Folk Group home pages.

  • Folk & Roots multi-purpose website with major Artiste and event links.

  • Fatea web Magazine including Fatea Showcase Sessions - free downloadable quarterly compilations of newly released acoustic/folk/roots/blues/singer-songwriter material.

    The Fo'c'sle maintains a more exhaustive set of links to

  • National and International Artistes who have guested at that Club or are soon to do so,

    and Solent Waves to

  • South Hampshire Dance Sides.
  • Live Music & Dance Reviews on this site

  • SCoFF Website List of Southern Counties Festivals, Special Events, Workshops Etc
  • SCoFF Website List of Community & Village Choirs
  • SCoFF George Gardiner Anniversary Celebrations Page (Folksong collector active in Hampshire in the early C20)
    A source list for other
  • Southern Counties Diary Listings including the Sussex Folk Guide is maintained by the Fo'c'sle, a SCoFF Club, while the web version of the FASH (Folk Association of South Hants) newsletter Solent Waves contains both a
  • South Hampshire Folk Dance Diary and a
  • less comprehensive but regularly updated Folk Club Listings Diary, whilst
  • Hantsweb is a useful general site for Arts listings and venues in the Southern Counties and see also
  • Folklife West with directory and one-line listings (more in printed version)
  • Somerset & Dorset Folk Events email service
  • Live Music information for the county of Kent- for folk, Celtic, blues, jazz and Cajun music, gig calendars, photos & MP3 music, venue and musician listings.
  • folk club/session/festival/radio/dance diary in the Mid West of England
  • Folk London
  • Folk Now, Jim Hancock's folk news operation lists national folk news of all varieties.
  • SCoFF Member Clubs and Venues - full list with website links where available.
  • Quick Finder Page for Member and Folk Venue Websites

    The Fo'c'sle maintains a wider list of
  • Other Folk Clubs with their own websites, other lists of Folk Clubs and of
  • Southern Counties Venues (other than Folk Clubs),
    while Solent Waves publishes and maintains on the web, a list of
  • South Hampshire Folk Dance Clubs
  • and of
  • South Hampshire Folk/Music Clubs.
  • SCoFF Information
  • SCoFF Membership Rates, Details and Privileges
  • SCoFF Map
  • SCoFF Aims (see also Constitution - next entry)
  • SCoFF Constitution
  • SCoFF Officers
  • Other Related Links
  • Forest Tracks the Hampshire based record company formed in the early seventies to produce records of the folk music of Hampshire and Dorset, now re-issuing albums in CD form including some fresh material.
  • Wild Goose Records Hampshire.
  • folktrax Peter Kennedy's online resource centre for those interested in traditional musics and cultures. The aim is to promote awareness and enjoyment of musics, dances, customs and traditions. folktrax was founded in 1957 by Peter Kennedy as an outlet through which to make his extensive collection of field recordings (primarilly from the British Isles) avaiable for personal and academic interest. folktrax has been a multifaceted organisation containing within it a library of folk songs, traditions and children's games, an archive of rare field recordings early pressings and the folktrax catalogue of over 450 CDs and DVDs available to the public. folktrax is now in abeyance following Peter's death.
  • The Association for Cultural Equity The ACE Online Archive includes nearly 17,000 free full-streaming audio field-recordings, totaling over eight hundred hours, collected by Alan Lomax between 1946 and 1991; scans of 5,000 photographic prints and negatives; sixteen hours of vintage radio transcriptions; and ninety hours of interviews, discussions, and lectures by Alan Lomax and his colleagues.
  • SEFAN South East Folk Arts Network, offering an information, advisory, co-ordinating and networking service for the traditional arts in the ACE,SE region of England. Regular listings and What's On online. Extensive email Bulletin services.
  • Folk South East (FSE) is a collective name for events put on by various promoters around the south-East of England. Until the death of John Smedley in 2004, Folk FSE was an important promoter in its own right of concert-style folk performances. More recently, FSE has continued as an 'umbrella organisation' for other promoters, such as Acoustic Sussex (various venues in mid-Sussex); Acoustic Music at themickjaggercentre, Dartford; and Folk at The Pavilion (New Ash Green, Kent).
  • Wiltshire Folk Association (including some SCoFF Clubs).
  • Listings Site dedicated to the Isle of Wight (UK) Folk Scene
  • Isle of Wight all-genre music scene site.
  • Live Wire web version of Bournemouth-based eclectic gig guide.
  • South Riding Folk Network with similar aims to SCoFF.
  • Spire Folk Derbyshire & East Midlands Folk Organisation.
  • The Moving Finger Folk from the Harlow Riding.
  • Links to other Folk Organisations and web listings in Solent Waves, particularly former EFDSS Districts.
  • Celfyddydau Mari Arts (Folk Wales Home Page).
  • Irish Traditional Music & Dance
  • Irish Music Magazine news, views and more on the Irish Folk and Trad scene.
  • Links to miscellaneous Folk resources on the Fo'c'sle web pages, not otherwise covered in the above.
  • Links to technical resources relevant to Folk Music in the Fo'c'sle pages.
  • Musikfolk Ltd Comprehensive Recorded Folk Music Catalogue.
  • Coda Edinburgh based comprehensive CD/DVD online and real shop with full folk section and online samples of every track of every CD available.

  • Submitted by Trevor Gilson, SCoFF webmaster